Company Overview


Adan Holding, founded in 2006, is an investment company engaged in a wide range of business ventures within different sectors. It is open to all sectors, particularly those that are unique and distinguished within the market, and are currently engaged in the manufacturing, construction, real estate, automotive, education, health & fitness, and food & beverage industries. Its business ventures are enhanced through a portfolio of acquisitions, as well as, direct and indirect investments.

Adan Holding’s successes are attributed to its focus on value-oriented and long-term business opportunities in Kuwait, among other countries. Its aim is to invest in companies that offer unique products and services, which are highly distinguishable from the rest.

Chairman’s Message

Hussain Ali Al-Kharafi

Today, we are looking ahead, and into the future. The insights we gain each day are guiding us as we strategically invest in new and advanced technologies that enable us to advance through the 21st Century at a great pace..

We believe that ideas are the driving force behind innovation. They are derived from our team’s brightest minds and experience. Our target is to develop a global network as we collaborate around the clock to turn our ideas into reality.